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Freelancers vs Development Agency

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

If you need to create a new website for your business,or redesign the current one to give it a more up-to-date look, it’s time to decide who your provider is going to be.

If you’re not going to develop the website yourself, the decision is limited to two options. Hiring a web development agency,or hiring a freelance programmer. If both options offer you the same thing: creating a website, what are the reasons why you should opt for one option or the other?

In this article we want to help you decide between Web Development Agency vs Freelance,delving into the most important aspects that characterize each and its main differences. Start!

Web development agency

A Web Development Agency is an organization composed of a team of web development experts. Each of the experts in web development specializes in different CMS, which are usually the most important and advised for the development and design of websites: WordPress, Drupal, Symfony,etc.

There are some web development agencies dedicated exclusively to the web design and web development,but the most common agencies are digital agencies, which offer (in addition to web development) other services such as Digital Marketing,and they have teams of experts specialized in their different departments: web developers, experts in Web usability, SEO, SEM, CRO, WPO, Recruitment of leads,experts in Social Networks, drafting of content,etc.

In addition to specializing in Web Design and Development, web development agencies are dedicated to Inbound Marketing and have specialized teams in all the strategies of the Inbound methodology.

Web development: Freelance

A Freelance is an independent web development expert that works autonomously. The Freelance must have extensive knowledge in web design and web development that allow it to offer advisory services to its target audience and potential clients.

A freelance web development can have its own office, or provide web development services in the form of telework from home. In many cases, freelancers offer companies the ability to be a worker on their workforce temporarily and be part of their team until the project is completed.

The methods that the web development freelancer uses to create your website have (just like web development agencies) in order to create an optimized website that converts the most visits to customers.

Differences between web development agency and freelance

Here are the main differences presented by web development experts,web development agencies vs freelance.

  • Work Teams: The web development agency’s team is made up of more people, which makes the web development process more complete.

  • Multidisciplinary team: Web development agencies have a multidisciplinary team expert in multiple disciplines within the development and optimization of websites. Experts in SEO, usability, content writing etc. This allows the web development agency to implement an inbound methodology on its customers’ websites much more effective.

  • The price: Price is usually a difference that is taken into account when choosing between the two options. In most cases, web development agencies offer higher prices. Depending on the size and revenue of the company that needs the creation of a website, they opt for the contracting of the web development services of a freelancer. A freelancer who teleworks doesn’t have to pay office rent or a salary for his workers. This allows you to offer more competitive prices to your customers for their services.

  • The workflows you can assume: A web development agency can take on more workflows. For this reason, web development agencies can work for larger companiesand take on large projects that a single person, which would be the case of a freelancer, cannot assume. The freelancer develops the web development project individually at 100.

Web development agency or freelance?

If you are in the process of deciding between web development agency or freelance, we recommend that you analyze the following aspects of your project:

Project size

If the project requires large volumes of work, do not hesitate, hire a web development agency and not a freelancer. According to the previous section, your multidisciplinary team is more complete and will be able to take on more workflows than a freelancer.

Budget for the project

What kind of budget are you going to invest in the web development project? Price is a very conditioning factor when deciding, however much we tell you that the best option is the web development agency, if you have little budget, or for any reason, you don’t want to invest too much in your web development project, the best decision is to hire a freelancer.

Complexity, duration and urgency of the web project

If you’re about to embark on a complex web project that requires long-term regular attention and work, the best option is to hire a web development agency.

If you hire a freelancer to create your website, but also require monthly web maintenance services, what if the freelancer is going on vacation, or is on sick leave? A web development agency has a team of workers and will make sure that your web project is not, under any circumstances, neglected.

On the other hand, if the project is very complex and you decide to hire a freelancer, you will be putting it in the hands of one person. Here we are not talking about the quality of the work, under any circumstances, but a single person will require more time to complete the project. If there is an urgency to launch the web project, and it is complex, it is best to choose to hire a web development agency that can guarantee you a project completion date.


Before making any decisions, it’s important to determine what your website business wants, as well as determine what the website’s goals are.

Web development agency vs freelance

When you have the objectives of the website clear you can contact both web development agencies and freelance to present your objectives and needs and that they can propose a web development project, with its corresponding strategy. You will then need to evaluate each proposal and consider all the relevant factors to choose between hiring a web development agency or a freelancer.

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