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70% Off on Wix Website & Business Plans

Avail agency discounts on wix plans. Compare prices with

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    Every month
    For people who are looking out to explore platform
     7 day free trial
    • 5 X 15 Min introductory sessions with experts
  • How does it work?
    Choose & buy a the plan you want to move forward with. (Compare prices with Wix Pricing Information | Upgrade to a Premium Plan | Add as your site contributor We will transfer the plan requested to your website
  • Can i cancel the plan after i have bought it?
    Plans once bought cannot be cancelled once transferred. Incase you want to cancel before - send an immediate email to and we will cancel your order and revert back the amount.
  • Does the plans offer same benefits mentioned on Wix website?
    The plans include all the features mentioned on the wix website except the $300 ad voucher which is provided in Business Pro and Business Unlimited Plans
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